We capture images in a very simple, clean and natural way to create timeless memories that will last forever. Our images are not only bright, colorful and fun, but we find those moments of honest emotion and capture them in the frame. We believe that wedding photography is such a personal experience that it is extremely important to get to know you, how you met, how you fell in love, and what you are looking for in a wedding photographer. In the end you want to feel comfortable in front of the lens and more importantly, comfortable with your photographer! Honestly most of the time we become friends with our couples and it really is an incredible feeling to be able to experience the day with you and photograph it from the inside in a very personal and honest way. Photography for us is less gear and equipment and more about the connection we have with the couple and the love they have for one another. We have been married for 14 years and together for nearly 20 years and we know what it means to love, to sacrifice, to compromise, to have fun and we know exactly what you are going through during this special time. It’s experiences like these, the connection with you and our passion for wedding photography that allows us to capture beautiful images of your wedding day. Photography is a very intimate form of art and we think applying this philosophy to your wedding is very important and is something very special.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many photographers are there? Just the two of us! (got the song stuck in your head didn’t I?) You always get both Bartek and Magda when you book us to shoot your wedding. When we first discovered that we could do wedding photography as a couple, it really got us excited because of a few reasons. Firstly, we split up in the morning so Magda spends time with the bride and the girls while Bartek hangs our with the groom and the boys, rather than rushing back and forth between the two locations. During times like the ceremony and reception we are covering the events as they unfold from two areas. Bartek usually waits with the groom at the front and captures his view and Magda usually follows the bride as she comes down the isle. Also, we both have our own unique eye so you get two perspectives of your wedding day. While both our styles mesh together perfectly to create our look, Magda has a softer eye so her images tend to be very intimate, detail oreinted and closeup while Bartek’s images are usually wider, they tend to be a little more symmetrical and are outside the box.

Where can we meet? We love meeting on Skype , it makes it easier for you! We like to get to know you, and ask you about how you met! We then like to tell you all about who we are as people and what we do.

Do you have packages? Yes we do offer some packages, or you can create your own a La Carte package to fit your needs.

Do you pose us? Yes and no. We will capture 90% of your wedding day in a photojournalistic and candid way. For the photo shoot portion with just the bride and groom we will definitely direct you in the most minimal way to create some stunning, natural looking pieces of art work. We feel the fact that we are a couple helps us a lot, as we are able to show you exactly what we mean in terms of how to hold your bride, or even just show you where to stand and get lost in each other as we take a step back and capture you two lovebirds. And of course most couples will want the standard family portraits which we whip up in a matter of minutes right after the ceremony.

Can I have all my photos in high resolution? Of course! We deliver all your photos to you via a password protected online gallery, all at high resolution (a full wedding day tends to yield anywhere between 500-800 images.. and sometimes more). Each and every one of these images is edited to make sure they are perfectly exposed, the colors are balanced and are ready for printing (and yes, you can print as large as you like because we shoot nearly all images at 21 megapixels…which is huge!).

Can you please hold my date? We wish we could, but the reality is that the only way to 100% make sure the date is yours is to put down a retainer. Otherwise we fill up our year on a first come first serve basis.

How long have you been in business? We have been blessed to be doing this since 2008 and we don’t have any plans to stop!

Do you know any videographers? As a matter of fact we do! If you are looking for top quality cinematography to match your photos we highly recommend IOAN Films and Marrone Video.

Where do you live? And do you travel? We live in beautiful Montreal, Quebec and we love to travel for weddings anywhere. Magda and I also frequently shoot weddings in Ottawa as well because we have family there. We also travel to surrounding areas to photograph weddings and around the world if given the opportunity! Of course our travel costs and accommodations would be covered by the bride and groom.

Can you stay longer? Magda will talk to you before your wedding and we will try and plan out the day with you in such a way that we cover all the important parts of your wedding. However things do happen and sometimes the day runs late! If that ever happens we will gently bring it up with you before the end of our  time and see if you would like us to stay a little bit longer. If it’s only something like 10 minutes then it’s no problem but if you need us to stay an hour or longer then we can definitely do that but we will bill you overtime after the wedding day. Do you need food? It would be nice if we didn’t pass out after a whole day of shooting! So yes, please feed us at the reception and we will love you for it!

Can you do our engagement photos? Yes of course! We think it’s an amazing opportunity for us to get to know you even better before the wedding, and for you to get comfortable in front of our cameras. This allows us to find great angles of you and get you comfortable in front of our cameras. We usually take you to a location that you love and that suits your style and we spend roughly about an hour or so with you capturing you  in your own element.

Do you do family portraits? Yes! We apply the same philosophy to our relaxed and natural family portrait sessions as we do for weddings and engagement sessions, just on a smaller scale.

Can you shoot our wedding? We’d love to :)

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