We are constantly flattered and often times we feel as though we should pinch ourselves to see if we’re dreaming because the words our couples say about us are almost unreal. Here are some of the wonderful things our couples have said about us. If you click the couple’s picture to the left of each text it will take you to their wedding too!


“When planning our wedding, we struggled tremendously with finding a photographer that we felt would be the right “fit” for our simple and laid-back wedding. After finally viewing a friend’s wedding pictures that were taken by Bartek and Magda, we instantly knew that there could be no better team to capture our most special day. Boy were we right!
Not only did we feel completely comfortable having our pics taken, but there were times when we completely forgot a camera was even there. The final product was just perfect. Our pictures tell the story of our day. We look at them and can place ourselves once again in those moments. Bartek and Magda manage to do more than take a picture, they capture the little special sparks of love that are there on that day. That is incredibly rare and totally worth every penny spent! We cannot rave enough about them and have recommended them to every couple we know that is planning a wedding.”
Jackie + George

“Other than their obvious artistic talent and creativity, what really makes Bartek and Magda unique and great to work with is their genuine enthusiasm and passion for what they do. We hired Bartek and Magda for our wedding this past June. Although we were super happy with the resulting photos, in hind sight I most appreciate how much fun it was to work with them and how they helped make the day run smoothly. Magda was filled with amazing tips and advice even about stuff that had nothing to do with the photography. She clearly loves weddings and is super resourceful and energetic. While Bartek is very talented and just plain hilarious: he can put anyone at ease! I loved working with them and would hire them again in a heartbeat.”
Ola + Robin

“WOW!!! Thank you guys so much for doing such an amazing job!! The photos are awesome, and even better than we could imagine – we love them all :). Seeing all the little details and moments you were able to capture really bring back those memories we will cherish forever. You guys are great – thank you SO much!!!”

Angela + Chris

“Dear Magda and Bartek, we just looked at the blog posting yesterday evening before going to bed, we were both overcome with emotion, I wept as we watched the slideshow. The pictures are simply stunning and bring back such strong feelings of love and happiness. Once again our deepest thanks for taking part of our day and giving us memories that will last our life time, With much love…”

Beatrice + Bastian

“We just got back from Cuba yesterday!  We ABSOLUTELY love the wedding pictures…words cannot explain how happy we are with them…I actually cried when I saw them! Thanks so much for so beautifully capturing our special day…you guys are truly gifted!”
Alexis + Jesse

“Wow! Wow! Wow! Simply Fantastic! So happy you were there for us on the most special of days. We will cherish these amazing photos always! You guys are wonderful! We love these photos…we are so happy that Bartek and Magda were there to hang out with us on our special day…and take phenomenal pics that we will cherish forever!! xo”
Amber + Pete

“I cannot blieve all of these pictures!!! These are the most artistic and colourful unique pictures I have ever seen!!! I am sooo greatful to know both of you and to have been able to share this amazing experience with you guys! This will be one memory never forgotten!!! Bartek and Madga you’ve exceeded my expectations! I will never forget Magda trying to get onto some of the rides with her camera and the ride operators looking at her funny cause of the large “lump” in her sweater!!! was really a priceless moment!!! Thank you again guys! Now I really can’t wait to see the rest and to be married so we can do it all over again!!! We love you both! xo”
Sophie + Marty

“Hi Magda and Bartek,

Thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU soooooooooooooooo much!!! These photos are fantastic!!!!! I have watched the video at least 100 times……cried …laughed …and wished I can do the whole day over again!! Thank you for giving as the best wedding gift ever!!! If you guys need anything in the area…please let us know!!! XOXO”


Lisa + David