lemirage_wedding_001Stephanie and Alex are two sweethearts that have been together forever! It’s incredibly endearing seeing them interact because it shows how madly and deeply they are in love.

We first met Stephanie and Alex when we took them on an adorable apple orchard pre-wedding photoshoot. If you haven’t seen it yet, click here now! The wedding was held at the absolutely stunning Eglise Saint Anges in Lachine. The old church provided beautiful colours and backgrounds to nearly every frame we snapped inside, and it was hard not to get consumed by the stunning architecture surrounding the young newlyweds.

One of our favourite venues provided the setting for the cocktail and reception…the Club de Golf Mirage! Surrounded by beautiful floral arrangements by Luluthia, the party was out of this world. Everyone had an incredible time on the dance floor intertwined with out of this world dishes, hilarious speeches and our super fun photobooth.

Stephanie and Alex, you’ve been together for a wonderfully long time already and you’re inseparable! We wish you a lifetime of happiness and hope you enjoy our favourite images from your day as well as a slideshow. Thank you for having us be a part of your special occasion!

Caitlin + Steven | Slideshowlemirage_wedding_002lemirage_wedding_003lemirage_wedding_004lemirage_wedding_005lemirage_wedding_006lemirage_wedding_007lemirage_wedding_008lemirage_wedding_009lemirage_wedding_010lemirage_wedding_011lemirage_wedding_012lemirage_wedding_013lemirage_wedding_014lemirage_wedding_015lemirage_wedding_016lemirage_wedding_017lemirage_wedding_018lemirage_wedding_019lemirage_wedding_020lemirage_wedding_021lemirage_wedding_022lemirage_wedding_023lemirage_wedding_024lemirage_wedding_025lemirage_wedding_026lemirage_wedding_027lemirage_wedding_029lemirage_wedding_030lemirage_wedding_031lemirage_wedding_032lemirage_wedding_033lemirage_wedding_034lemirage_wedding_035lemirage_wedding_036lemirage_wedding_037lemirage_wedding_038lemirage_wedding_039lemirage_wedding_040lemirage_wedding_041lemirage_wedding_042lemirage_wedding_043lemirage_wedding_045lemirage_wedding_046lemirage_wedding_047lemirage_wedding_048lemirage_wedding_049lemirage_wedding_050lemirage_wedding_051lemirage_wedding_052lemirage_wedding_078lemirage_wedding_079lemirage_wedding_080lemirage_wedding_081lemirage_wedding_054lemirage_wedding_082lemirage_wedding_056lemirage_wedding_057lemirage_wedding_058lemirage_wedding_059lemirage_wedding_060lemirage_wedding_061lemirage_wedding_062lemirage_wedding_063lemirage_wedding_064lemirage_wedding_065lemirage_wedding_066lemirage_wedding_067lemirage_wedding_068lemirage_wedding_069lemirage_wedding_070lemirage_wedding_071lemirage_wedding_072lemirage_wedding_073lemirage_wedding_074lemirage_wedding_075lemirage_wedding_076lemirage_wedding_077

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  • Margarita Verelli - God Bless! May everyday be a reminder of your special day, your pledge to love one another each day….for always! Just beautiful…xxxAugust 13, 2015 – 1:11 amReplyCancel

  • Julie Dracoulacou - May you both live a long , healthy and happy life together. You both look absolutely gorgeous. It was such a pleasure looking at this album.August 14, 2015 – 3:37 amReplyCancel

  • Johanne Beaudoin - Amazing wedding ! Holding back the tears while viewing these splended photographs of you my beautiful niece and your wonderful husband, I will cherish the memories ! Luv tante Johanne xxxxAugust 16, 2015 – 10:29 pmReplyCancel

  • Manny Sgourakis - What a pleasure to have met and have worked with you. You’re the sweeetest Luluthia Bride/couple ever !!!!! Congrats and please keep in touch!! xoxoAugust 20, 2015 – 2:58 amReplyCancel


Photographing weddings in Ottawa is always special for Magda and I. We spent a lot of life there and it feels like we’re back home! So when we found out that the most adorable Caitlin and Steve were getting married there, and that they wanted their photos in the same location as our own wedding photos were taken, we knew we had to be a part of this!

It was a perfect summer day, not too hot, not too cold, so everyone was happy! The ceremony was held at the very pretty St. Teresa parish and then we headed over to the Experimental Farm Arboretum which provided really pretty backdrops for our photos. It was a breeze and a pleasure photographing Caitlin and Steve, with them being so beautifully in love! Finally, the day ended and we took a few more photos around the Byward Market and then we were ready to party at Restaurant 18 right in the heart of the beautiful market. The food was to die for, the speeches touched everyone and the dancing was out of this world!

Caitlin and Steve, thank you for inviting us to capture this beautiful day for you! We wish you a lifetime of happiness and leave you with a slideshow, as well as our favourite moments of the day…

Caitlin + Steven | Slideshow


  • Debbie Lacelle - Steven and Caitlin are a beautiful couple inside and out and we love them will all our hearts ! xoxoJuly 25, 2015 – 12:10 pmReplyCancel


After having met Ivana and Phil on two occasions, we couldn’t wait for their wedding. We started the day just down the street from us and the ceremony was here at St. Joachim Parish on the West Island! From there, we took some beautiful photos of the bridal party near the water and continued downtown near the Ritz Carlton. I kept repeating myself during the day, but the day and light was absolutely wonderful for a wedding! Best of all, Ivana and Phil smiled all day long and simply enjoyed the festivities…and when a couple just let’s loose and enjoys without stressing…it puts a smile on everyones face, as you will see in the photos below.

Ivana and Phil, thank you for welcoming us with open arms and having us part of your party! From hanging out with the bridal party, to tearing it up on the dance floor to taking beautiful photos all day long, we can’t thank you enough. Please enjoy our favourite images from your special day as well as a slideshow!

Ivana + Phil | Slideshow


  • Emilie - Such a cute couple! Nice work, guys!July 16, 2015 – 11:11 amReplyCancel

    • Magda - Thank you Emilie :) Ivana and Phil were really fun, it was a pleasure!July 16, 2015 – 11:22 amReplyCancel


The last time we saw Meaghen and Marco was when a thick blanket of snow covered all of Montreal! It feels like it was just yesterday that we captured them in the snow on their engagement photo session when we couldn’t wait for their wedding day to come. Take a look here if you missed the beautiful snowy day.

Meaghen was just beaming with this beautiful glow that’s hard to describe and simply best shown in photos; with Marco handsomely at her side. It was a real pleasure taking Meaghen and Marco back to the same woods that we used for their engagement photos but this time with no snow! I could try explaining how fun and touching the party at Le Crystal was later on but I’ll simply let the photos do the talking.

It was an absolutely beautiful day and an even more beautiful ceremony which both Magda and I were honoured to be a part of. Thank you for choosing us to document your special day and we wish you nothing but love and happiness together. As usual, we leave you with (a lot!) of our favourite moment from the day as well as a slideshow below.

Meaghen + Marco | Slideshow



The 2015 wedding season has officially begun and today we have a really cute engagement session to share with you! Ivana and Phil will be getting married very soon and before that happens, we took them out to the Old Port here in Montreal for a little casual photo session. Dressed the part, Ivana and Phil met us downtown and before we knew it, we were kicking it off like old friends and taking photos in between. I should mention that we met Ivana and Phil when Ivana was a bridesmaid at Catherine and Matthew’s wedding three years ago! We fondly remember Ivana being an incredibly positive and bubbly personality and we only hoped we would have a chance to photograph Ivana and Phil’s wedding. We can’t wait!

Here are some warm moments with Ivana and Phil near the locks of the Old Port. We hope you enjoy them and we’ll be back with their wedding this summer!


  • Ashley MacPhee - LOVE that you included the pylons and road signs!! Because let’s face it, that IS a part of our every day life here in mtl! Excellent work friends!June 3, 2015 – 1:49 amReplyCancel

  • Linda - Your work is beautiful. I mean, anyone who can make roadwork signs looks like art is a fantastic photographer.June 5, 2015 – 9:27 amReplyCancel