the sigths of Napoli, Ercolano, Pompeii, Amalfi, Positano, Capri, Sorrento…

Furore, Amalfi, Atrani, Ravello, Agerola, Nocelle, Positano, Conca Dei Marini, Praiano, Massa Lubrense, Sorrento, Pomeii, Vesuvius, Campania, Punta Lagno, Nerano, Ercolano & Napoli, are the places we visited on our recent trip to Italy. Two years ago we went to the region of Tuscany. We visited Rome, Cinque Terre, Montelpuciano, Volterra, San Gimignano, Venice, Florence and so much more, and left our hearts there. So this year… we had to go back and collect them, yet still not every piece was collected, so we will have to go back many more times!

We were warned that Naples is not safe. That it’s dirty. To take off all watches and jewellery, to not carry our expensive camera or iPhone around. I guess any city can be unsafe depending in which part you stay and hang out in? So we were intrigued. Despite all these warnings, we went anyway. We booked only three nights there in case it was going to be terrible. We figured three nights would be enough to visit what we had planned, and well, since we can’t really stay out on the streets based on reviews, we figured it’s enough time. Luckily and unluckily, it wasn’t. We could have stayed there another few weeks or even months! Naples is truly an amazing city with so much to take in. We fell in love with this City. With it’s amazing energy, friendly people, beautiful buildings, THE FOOOOOD… Oh gosh, was it ever the BEST pizza we’ve ever eaten. We actually have a wood burning pizza oven in our back yard, which we built two years ago after returning from Italy but have yet to fully master our own pizza making techniques.

On our trip we stayed at three places. When we landed in Naples, we got our rental car from Auto Europe and drove through the windy roads to Furore. How Bartek managed to not get a scratch on the car is amazing. There, we stayed with Rosa in an adorable working farm slash B&B called Agriturismo Serafina. It is her great grandma’s place, and her and her family run a gorgeous B&B out of it. You must know that they also serve the most amazing meals at night with ingredients from their farm!!! There we stayed 4 nights, and then drove on to our next home away from home Eyes On Capri. Literally, our eyes were fixed on Capri the entire 7 nights we stayed there. From both locations we did day trips to all the surrounding places. Sorrento, Pompeii, Ercolano, Vesuvius, Positano, Amalfi and the list goes on. The sights are all so breath taking in the Campania region that it’s difficult to convey in words or even photos, but I will try to do it justice below. The region is known for it’s amazingly yellow, large and juicy lemons. We had lemon everything while we were there. Lemon chicken, lemon tortellini, lemon pasta, lemon chocolate, lemon almonds, lemon waters every morning and of course Limoncello! It was the perfect trip!

Our Agriturismo in Furore, Serafina.


The windy roads of the Most beautiful drive in the world, the Amalfi coast drive.



Amalfi, the town!

Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano005Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano006Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano007Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano008Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano009Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano010Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano011Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano012Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano013Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano014Atrani, a little town right next to Amalfi.


RavelloItaly_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano018Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano019Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano020Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano021Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano022Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano023Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano024Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano025Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano026Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano027Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano028Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano029Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano030Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano031Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano032 Sentiero Degli Dei. The path of Gods. A beautiful 8km + walk in the mountains overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, aka, the Amalfi Coast. The path was stunning, and very worth walking. It’s not extremely hard, but also not easy. At the end, when you arrive by foot in Nocelle, you have to walk down 1,700 stairs into Positano… that’s the hardest part of the walk, but well worth it and very satisfying.

Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano033Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano034Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano035Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano036Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano037Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano038Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano039Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano040Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano041The view of Positano when we walked down all those 1,700 steps.

Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano042Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano043Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano044 Animals at our Agriturismo.

Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano045Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano046Conca Dei Marini. We ate at Le Bonta del Capo. This restaurant was amazing, great service, amazing food, well priced, and the view from it was spectacular!



 Our view from Eyes on Capri, onto… Capri.Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano061

 Pompeii! This place has been on my bucket list ever since I heard about it when I was a kid.

 Punta lagnoItaly_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano074Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano075Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano076Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano077Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano078Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano079Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano080Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano081Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano082Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano083

 PositanoItaly_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano084Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano085 Ercolano, or Herculaneum in English, is located at the foot of Mt. Vesuvious just like Pompeii.  Ercolano was devastated by the eruption of 79AD, at the same time Pompeii was erased from the planet, except Ercolano was covered by 20 meters of ash and rock, hours after Pompeii was.  This is because of the winds that day. Because it was covered very quickly, wood, beds and beautiful details were preserved much better then Pompeii. Until recently, people had no idea what happened to this ancient city, they thought people had just abandoned it, as there were no bodies found here, unlike Pompeii. Pretty much everyone got to escape Ercolano, and the bodies they did find were tucked away in the boat houses ( mainly women and children), down by the water, waiting for boats to rescue them. As they used the boat houses for shelter, they were assured by the men that they will be saved. Unfortunately and suddenly, tremendous heat of 500 degrees celcius had struck the area, sadly killing all the people awaiting their boats…Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano086Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano087- I just can’t believe this amazing tile work. Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano088Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano089Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano090Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano091Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano092NAPOLI!!!! Naples!!! Best city ever!!! If you want amazing Pizza while in Napoli go to Da Peppino! Their pizza is just bliss. So the third place we stayed at was Attico Partenopeo. Nestled in the historic centre of Naples, on Via Santa Brigida, it was perfectly located to visit everything we had on our list. Museums, castles, streets, etc. Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano093Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano094Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano095Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano096Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano097Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano098Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano099Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano100Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano101Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano102Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano103Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano104Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano105Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano106Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano107Italy_Napoli_Amalfi_Sorrento_Positano108

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