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Tanya + Nathanael – Baby Bump

montreal_maternity_photos_2020_000We met Tanya & Nathanael in 2010, a year before their wedding. Our daughter was 4 at the time and now she’s 14 and 10 years later they are blessed with expecting their own little bundle of joy! As usual, we absolutely adore when couples we worked with in the past, come back to us and we get to see into their lives once more. We have seen them through their engagement, wedding, at other weddings and now here we were photographing the two of them just before they will be 3! With Tanya and Nathanael, it felt like seeing old friends after many years. In fact, we do feel a special connection with Tanya and Nathanael because whenever we hang out on a photoshoot, we really do connect and laugh like time never passed. We almost forgot we are on a photo shoot, from talking about babies, homes, pools, and about this covid-19 and just overall catching up! We will let the photos do the talking, but we wish you a happy and healthy birth, and we cant wait to see you three soon! xox Bartek & Magdamontreal_maternity_photos_2020_001montreal_maternity_photos_2020_002montreal_maternity_photos_2020_003montreal_maternity_photos_2020_004montreal_maternity_photos_2020_005montreal_maternity_photos_2020_006montreal_maternity_photos_2020_007montreal_maternity_photos_2020_008montreal_maternity_photos_2020_009montreal_maternity_photos_2020_010montreal_maternity_photos_2020_011montreal_maternity_photos_2020_012montreal_maternity_photos_2020_013montreal_maternity_photos_2020_014

Baby Laurie



As photographers who are lucky to develop relationship with wonderful people, we are lucky to be invited back into peoples lives over the years. Such is the case with the lovely couple, Bich-Han and Louis-David!

Having photographed them on numerous occasions, including their beautiful vineyard wedding, we are thrilled to blog photos of their new addition to the family. Little precious Laurie! Just weeks old, we carefully captured the little one with her new mom and dad in their gorgeous waterfront property just west of the island of Montreal. Laurie was a real treat to photograph (not to mention her parents too!).

Here are our favourites from the day. Bich-Han and Louis-David, thank you for once again inviting us into your home. We are fortunate to have gotten to know such caring and wonderful people as yourselves. We wish you nothing but the best with little Laurie, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Bartek & Magda

Nina + Angelo + Milena – A family photo session in Montreal’s Old Port

a_montreal_family_photosession_00001Nina and Angelo have been a part of our photography world for the past few years. Getting to spend time with them is one of the highlights of our business, so you can imagine our excitement when we got a call from them to photograph their family with their newest member, adorable cutie pie, Milena!

Starting with their engagement session five years ago, then their beautiful Le Mirage wedding four years ago and then fast forward to last fall with a baby bump session…to end up today, with a brand new, gorgeous Milena joining Nina and Angelo’s life adventure. Here are some select images from our time spent with the young family in Montreal’s beautiful Old Port. Nina and Angelo, thank you for always trusting us with capturing timeless memories for you. We wish you a wonderful life together and congratulations on the most photogenic and best behaved little girl we have ever had the pleasure of photographing.

Bartek & Magda
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Caroline + Derek – Le Mont Blanc Wedding in Montreal


It is rare that a couple gets married and one of them haven’t met a good chunk of the other’s family. In Caroline and Derek’s case, their beautiful wedding day was not only happiness for the newlyweds tying the knot, but also witnessing a lot of their family members getting to know each other the first time! It was truly a wonderful thing seeing so many smiles, family members learning things about each other for the first time…and among it all, Caroline and Derek got married. Not just with one ceremony, but with two. Starting with the traditional, touching Vietnamese ceremony honouring their ancestors and concluding with the classic white dress and tux! The reception was held at Le Mont Blanc in Laval where the party and food was clearly enjoyed by everyone as one big, happy family!

Caroline and Derek, thank you both for choosing us to capture your special day! We leave you with our favourite moments from your day.

xoxo, Bartek & Magda



Marie, Alex & Family – A cuddly family photo session



It has been 6 years since we have had the pleasure of knowing Marie and Alex. From meeting them at a beautiful beach destination wedding, to shooting their own wonderful wedding, to seeing their amazing business flourish; and now, to seeing their beautiful new family expand.

Marie and Alex brought us into their home to take some family photos for them a couple weekends ago. The weather wasn’t cooperating this year, with it being the second coldest November ever recorded in Quebec…so….we decided to keep warm and hang out inside! It took a little bit for some of the little ones, but once warmed up to our cameras, we had a blast capturing everyone’s happy smiles. From living room to dining room, to sofa jumping and sitting on the table, we caught ever possible scenario. We only regret not taking photos of Alex sitting on the table! Just kidding! Here are some moments from that warm Saturday morning.
Bartek & Magda


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